EU Trade Bill & Parliamentary Scrutiny

I absolutely understand the need for parliamentary scrutiny of trade agreements as we leave the European Union, which is why I welcome the Government’s continued commitment to a transparent and inclusive trade policy.

No to a Second Independence Referendum

In 2014, I was proud to stand up for Scotland's place in the United Kingdom and as the MP representing a constituency which reaches the English border, I stressed the importance of our neighbours a matter of miles away.

Deal best way forward at Brexit journey milestone

WE ARE at a critical moment as we prepare for Brexit and during the last few days a number of constituents across Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale have asked me for my thoughts. 

I hope my article on the current situation proves helpful.

Keeping fuel prices low

Representing one of the most rural constituencies in Parliament, I have always campaigned to keep fuel prices low.

More trains needed at Lockerbie

During my 12 years as a MP, the number of train services at Lockerbie has more than doubled giving those living in Dumfriesshire greater access to our major cites north and south of the border.