EU Trade Bill & Parliamentary Scrutiny

I absolutely understand the need for parliamentary scrutiny of trade agreements as we leave the European Union, which is why I welcome the Government’s continued commitment to a transparent and inclusive trade policy.

No to a Second Independence Referendum

In 2014, I was proud to stand up for Scotland's place in the United Kingdom and as the MP representing a constituency which reaches the English border, I stressed the importance of our neighbours a matter of miles away.

Securing the best Brexit deal

As both a MP for a rural economy and the Secretary of State for Scotland, I will be working to secure the best deal for our rural communities to ensure that they prosper in the future.

Keeping fuel prices low

Representing one of the most rural constituencies in Parliament, I have always campaigned to keep fuel prices low.

More trains needed at Lockerbie

During my 12 years as a MP, the number of train services at Lockerbie has more than doubled giving those living in Dumfriesshire greater access to our major cites north and south of the border.