Border closure remarks 'worrying' - warn MP and MSP

COMMENTS by Nicola Sturgeon suggesting that under certain coronavirus scenarios the Scotland-England boundary could be closed are causing concern in border areas of Dumfriesshire.

This was highlighted by local MP David Mundell and MSP Oliver Mundell, who warned that a reluctance by the Scottish First Minister to rule out such a move during a weekend interview on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme were adding uncertainty in the current crisis.

In a joint-statement Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell and MSP Oliver Mundell said: "The First Minister's comments are deeply unhelpful and worrying for people living in our region -- many of whom cross the border on a daily basis for work, to care for vulnerable family members, access medical services and to pick up their groceries. 

"Of course, everyone accepts there will be difficult trade-offs as we look to ease restrictions but the idea that the border could be closed is a non-starter and the possibility should never even have been mentioned. 

"The First Minister and the Scottish Government need to take the unique social and economic needs of our region into consideration before floating unworkable plans on national television. 

"Wherever possible and supported by science then a clear, consistent and united approach should be adopted."