Borders Conservatives committed to Borderlands deal

Conservative representatives in the Borders have re-affirmed their commitment to deliver a Borderlands Growth deal for the area.

Tweeddale MP David Mundell brought together Borders MP John Lamont, Borders MSP Rachael Hamilton, South of Scotland MSP Michelle Ballantyne and Scottish Borders Council Leader Shona Haslam for a meeting to discuss the proposals in Peebles.

Mr Mundell, who was the driving force behind getting a commitment to a Borderlands Growth Deal included in the Conservatives manifesto at the General Election, says plans are progressing well and hopes a firm commitment will be delivered by the Chancellor in the Budget.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: "Recent election results have delivered Conservative representatives across the Borders and with that comes real opportunity for the region.

"Nowhere is that more prevalent than the commitment to delivering a Borderlands Growth Deal, which I was delighted to see included in the Conservative manifesto for the General Election.

"With proposals now coming forward from the councils involved, we have a real opportunity to deliver a huge economic boost for the Borders in terms of infrastructure and strengthening our links to our neighbours across the Borders.

"Plans for a deal like this will take some time to come to fruition, but I am hoping that the Chancellor can reaffirm his support in the upcoming Budget to continue to drive plans forward.

"Delivering this deal is an absolute priority for me as a Borders MP and I look forward to continuing to work with my Conservative colleagues to deliver for local people."


Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk MP John Lamont said: "The Borderlands Growth Deal is a really exciting opportunity to promote tourism and improve digital and transport infrastructure in the Scottish Borders.

“In terms of geographical spread, this is the most ambitious Growth Deal in the UK which, uniquely covers both England and Scotland. It is right that we take some time to get this right but I expect to see some more detailed proposals emerge early next year.

“In this month’s budget, I’ll be looking for the Chancellor to make sure that the Borderlands Growth Deal is supported."


Scottish Borders Council Leader, Shona Haslam said: "Scottish Borders Council have identified the Borderlands Growth Deal as a priority for the region over the next few years and we stand ready to work with the UK and Scottish Government's to maximise it's potential.

"The Borderlands deal has the potential to be a great economic boost for the region and this was a positive meeting between the Borders Conservative representatives who are all committed to delivering for the area.

"The fine details of any deal are still a work in progress, but it remains a top priority for the council administration to help boost the local economy through Borderlands, which I hope will see support in the upcoming Budget."