School Closures

Clydesdale, because of its rural nature, has many small local schools, most essential to the community’s viability. So plans to strip communities of the right to appeal local school closures will naturally trigger concern among parents.  The umbrella body for councils – COSLA – is looking at removing the right of parents to appeal to the Scottish Government when school closures occur.

Windfarm Land

In Clydesdale there is a perception that windfarms take up a high percentage of the district. Now it has been revealed the Scottish Government has no idea how many acres of Scottish land have been set aside for windfarm development.

Memorial Restoration

I welcome news that South Lanarkshire is hoping to restore some of Clydesdale’s war memorials ahead of next year’s 100thanniversary of the start of WW1. The work will be met by a new Scottish Government centenary memorials fund.

Better bus services for Clydesdale

I’m calling for improved bus services from Douglas and along the M74 corridor to Hamilton and Glasgow. I recently met with Gordon MacLennan, the Chief Executive of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, to press the case for improvements.