David steps up campaign to save Biggar's RBS

Clydesdale MP David Mundell has taken his campaign to save Biggar’s RBS to the top of the company.

Mr Mundell, who has voiced his strong opposition to the closure plans since they were first revealed has now raised the issue with RBS chairman Sir Howard Davies.

Mr Mundell was left disappointed by the performance of RBS representatives, including Personal Banking chief executive Les Matheson at the Scottish Affairs committee recently and has stepped up his campaign to save the branch.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: "The recent enquiry by the Scottish Affairs Committee has put RBS bosses on the spot and highlighted the fact they are spending more on rugby sponsorship than what will be saved from closing branches like Biggar, which is unacceptable.

"It was disappointing to see RBS representatives at the committee clearly fail to understand how many of the branches they are planning to close, like Biggar, serve such a wide geographical area and will have huge effects across Clydesdale."

“I have now raised the matter at the very top with RBS’s chairman Sir Howard Davies, outlining the case in no uncertain terms as to why the Biggar branch has to stay open.

“It is an absolutely vital for elderly and vulnerable people living here who want easy access to cash and if RBS close this branch, then it is a complete betrayal of their promise not to shut branches which are the last in the town.

“Being able to bank cash easily is also so important for businesses in Biggar and they would be affected if they had to start making significant journeys to Lanark or elsewhere to merely bank their day’s takings.

"The Biggar branch does not only serve the town itself, it serves a massive geographical area and it would be a hammer blow for Clydesdale as a whole.

“I hope that RBS can urgently think again about their misguided proposal to close the Biggar branch and deliver good news for the many customers who rely on the branch locally.”