Dumfriesshire passengers miss out from Scotrail

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell has voiced his disappointment after it emerged that train stations in the region have missed out on a recent ticket bonanza.

The MP was contacted by constituents who were let down by the news that the offer wasn't going to be available at Lockerbie and Gretna Green stations, which has been confirmed by Scotrail.

The rail company say that tickets weren't available due to Scotrail trains not operating from these stations, which led Mr Mundell to write to Scotrail bosses demanding an explanation as to why many of his constituents missed out.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: "All too often, rail passengers in Dumfriesshire have missed out on many Scotrail offers, including ticket giveaways and yet again this has been the case this time around.

"It is very disappointing that stations in this region are excluded from these offers, especially at a time when we are doing more to promote rail travel, particularly at Lockerbie.

"I have written to Scotrail to ask bosses for an explanation as to why constituents in Dumfriesshire missed out, when all across Scotland people were taking advantage of this offer.

"I find this omission very strange considering Scotrail operate the stations, so it doesn't sit logically that they missed out."