Independence bad for business says MP

Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale MP David Mundell has warned that Scottish independence will "destabilise enterprise and potentially put jobs at risk."

He was speaking after the publication of a business paper by the UK government which says the impact of a Yes vote in 2014 would create barriers which could negatively affect trade with the rest of the UK.

The MP pointed out Scottish hauliers faced higher costs for driving in the rest of the UK after independence while mobile phone users may incur additional roaming charges if they use their devices south of the border. The cost of postal services could also be affected.

Under independence Scottish firms would have reduced access to the UK single market, extra administrative burdens for cross-border trade with the UK, different sets of business regulations on either side of the border, and tax and pension complications for individuals working on both sides of the border.

These extra burdens would be especially onerous for businesses operating close to the Border where their trade, travel and other links with England were sometimes daily.

Mr Mundell added: "The union works for businesses on both sides of the border. Scotland is famous for its world-class products and enterprising spirit - and the UK's truly free, integrated and growing market helps Scottish firms exploit these to the full.

"The last thing firms need is a new set of rules and regulations, new costs on exports, a smaller labour market and less reliable support for innovation and knowledge transfer.

"Breaking up Scotland's most lucrative market would destabilise enterprise and potentially put growth and jobs at risk. My message to the Scottish business community is that we're stronger and more secure together," he added.