MP tours vital UK energy hub

A VITAL hub in the UK energy network is operating 24/7 and providing quality employment in Dumfriesshire.

Local MP David Mundell saw operations first hand when he this week toured National Grid's Moffat Compressor Station.

The politician met engineers working at the large complex, located near Beattock, in a visit hosted by Tom Spencer, the company's public affairs and policy officer.

Mr Mundell learned more about the essential part the strategically located station plays in moving gas through the national transmission system.

He saw how the gas was compressed to the right pressure to allow it to travel to where it was needed, including distribution networks, power stations or large-scale industrial users.

Mr Spencer said: "The primary function of the site is to transport gas from the North Sea terminal in St Fergus fourth south into England.

"There is also an interconnector which supplies GNI (Gas Networks Ireland) who supply gas to Ireland via the compressor station at Beattock, which is adjacent to the National Grid site."

Thanking his hosts, Mr Mundell recalled witnessing the gas complex being constructed and was interested in how it had evolved.

He said: "National Grid employ talented engineers here who work round the clock to keep the gas flowing. 

"I was particularly pleased to learn that the company were innovating to ensure we can eventually decarbonise heat to hit net zero."