RBS need to deliver more for Lochmaben

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell has expressed his concern that Lochmaben residents have been left without access to RBS's ATM in the Royal Burgh for over 10 days.

Residents had been unaware of plans to replace the hole in the wall in the High Street which occurred on 26 October. Assurances have been given to the community that a new ATM will be in operation by Wednesday 8 November, but Mr Mundell has deemed this situation unacceptable.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: "I was vigorously opposed to the closure of the RBS bank in Lochmaben in 2014 and it seems yet again people in the Royal Burgh are getting a below par service from RBS which just isn't good enough.

"It is unacceptable that residents were unaware of these plans, considering the limited access to ATM machines across the community, as well as having to continue to operate with no bank for a number of years now.

"This is a situation that I believe could have been easily avoided and one I am very disappointed left residents in a state of concern for an unnecessary length of time.

"I have also contacted RBS to let them know my concerns on this and asked for reassurances that access to RBS'S ATM will always be available."