Support for Parents


If you are concerned about school or childcare, please read the following information:

If your child is in S4 to S6, please read the following information:

  • The SQA have confirmed that teachers will award pupils predicted grades based on a number of factors, such as formative work. These predicted grades will then be compiled by the SQA who will decide if any adjustments are required. Any final decision reached on pupils' grades will be subject to a free appeals process.
  • At this stage, there are no plans to allow students to sit exams in the autumn as part of the appeals process. If students are still unhappy with their grades following their appeal, they will be able to sit their 2020 exams in the 2021 exam period.
  • Estimated grades were submitted by teachers by 29 May. Following a moderation process, results will be available through the MySQA portal on 04 August 2020. Further information, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available at

If your child is eligible for free school meals or has additional support needs, please read the following information:

  • The Scottish Government have said that local authorities should put provision in place for children who are eligible for free school meals, have additional support needs or are otherwise vulnerable or at risk.
  • Your local authority should make provision available to ensure that your children do not suffer unduly as a result of the current crisis. For free school meals, alternatives may take the form of direct payments to parents or food vouchers to be spent at supermarkets.
  • The Scottish Government have announced that all children receiving free school meal provision from their local authority while schools have been closed will still receive this over the summer.
  • Questions on free school meals are best directed to your local council in the first instance. You can find their contact details here:
  • Parents should not rely on those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category (such as grandparents or family members with underlying conditions) for childcare. You can check who is in the at-risk category here:

If your child attends an independent school, nursery or other childcare, please read the following information:

  • The Scottish Government have said that private or independent schools, nurseries or other childcare setting can remain open, provided they support only the children of key workers and vulnerable children and wherever possible, work with local authorities in their areas to do this.
  • Registered childminders should cease all provision besides emergency childcare for key worker families and vulnerable children. Further information is available at