Budget 2020

This was an excellent Budget which will be good for the country at this challenging time.

One important measure for my large rural constituency will be the extension of the freeze on fuel duty for a 10th year. That will be welcomed by almost everybody locally and have a positive impact on businesses, including shops.

I fully support the massive £30 billion support package to steer the country through the challenges of the current corona Virus outbreak.  

Some measures being taken will be UK-wide but I urge the Scottish Government to use the extra funds they receive wisely in the devolved areas to fully support businesses and jobs during this difficult period.

I've highlighted the difficulties the whisky industry is facing and I'm glad the Chancellor has responded. The freeze in spirit duty will be widely welcomed in my constituency and nationally.

The Scottish Government will receive £640 million extra from this Budget through the Barnett Formula.  I call on SNP Ministers at Holyrood to match the UK Government's ambition on roads and rail investment, particularly locally with urgent improvements to the A75, A76 and A7 trunk roads for which they are responsible.