Coronavirus (COVID-19)

THERE can be few topics dominating conversations more just now than Coronavirus (COVID-19) and that looks certain to remain the case in the weeks and months ahead.

I've been reassured by the strategy implemented to deal with the outbreak by leading experts working with public representatives at various levels of Government. I would particularly like to commend those responding to the crisis from the frontline agencies, including the NHS, care organisations, local authorities and emergency services.

This is a fast-changing situation and I would urge constituents to keep up-to-date with the latest official advice and follow that guidance as closely as possible. This guidance can found found on the various web pages below.

As I've mentioned before, there is great community spirit in all towns, villages and rural neighbourhoods across Dumfresshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale and our actions should be focused in doing our utmost to protect those most at risk, particularly older people and those with underlying health risks.

Local Authorities are working closely with, NHS boards, the Scottish and UK Governments, and are following guidance developed and reviewed by an experienced pool of specialist advisors.

Whilst we all hope the number of those self-isolating or requiring complex treatment for Coronavirus complications at any one time does not climb too sharply in the coming days, there are clearly massive challenges ahead in such areas as medicine, care and education.

More widely the public and private sector are adapting to this difficult, but temporary, situation and I anticipate that new ways of working will evolve to keep businesses and the economy functioning. 

There has been a wide a range of support measures put in place and I stand ready to do my utmost to assist constituents with any specific issues that arise.