David celebrates 20 years of devolution

It is 20 years on since the Scottish people took the decision to vote for a Scottish Parliament as well as voting for that Parliament to have tax raising powers.

Reflecting on the vote, David Mundell MP and Secretary of State for Scotland said: “The Scottish Parliament is now part of everyday life in Scotland, and that’s the real achievement, the real change. Twenty years ago that parliament didn’t exist, so the votes cast on 11 September 1997 have made a real difference to life in Scotland.

“Within what is a relatively short time in Scotland’s long history, the Scottish Parliament has become an established feature of everyday life; taking really important decisions that affect us all, including on health, education and transport.

“The Scottish Parliament is the most powerful devolved Parliament of its type anywhere in the world. The challenge now is to use those powers for the benefit of the people of Scotland.”