David to fight for Chapelcross workers

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell says he is fully committed to ensuring that workers at Chapelcross are given certainty over their future as soon as possible.

The MP was speaking after an announcement by Energy Secretary Greg Clark MP that an inquiry is going to be set up to look into the conduct of the procurement process into the decommissioning of former nuclear sites.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have also announce that they are set to end the contract with Cavendish Fluor Partnership in 2019, only five years into their contract to decommission the Chapelcross site.

The representatives say the inquiry is necessary to ensure that this sort of situation won't arise again but that there are still clear plans for Chapelcross going forward.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: " This situation that has arisen with the procurement process is unacceptable and it is absolutely right that the Secretary of State, Greg Clark has announced that he is setting up this inquiry.

"While the PR around the procurement process sounded good, it is clear that there have been very significant flaws during this process which has left with us a completely unacceptable situation as the work continues to decommission nuclear sites.

"Workers deserve to have clarification on this situation and that is why I will be meeting the Secretary of State, Greg Clark as soon as possible to discuss this.

"What is clear though that this doesn't affect the clear plans for the Chapelcross site going forward and I am sure they will continue to progress whoever is in charge of the decommissioning process."