David meets with Bield boss over Biggar closure

Clydesdale MP David Mundell and local councillor Eric Holford have met with the Chief Executive of Bield Housing, Brian Logan, to relay their concerns about the proposed closure of Langvout Court Care Home in Biggar.

Mr Mundell and Cllr Holford are fully supportive of the local efforts to save the care home with a petition being signed by over 1,000 people in a matter of weeks and wanted to review with Mr Logan how the care home could be kept open.

While Mr Logan made clear Bield would not change their decision, the Clydesdale representatives felt the meeting was a productive one with Mr Logan agreeing to consider ways of retaining the facility including community ownership.

Commenting David Mundell MP said: "I have made my opposition to this closure known from the outset and I was keen to meet with Mr Logan to outline my concerns and those of local people.

"The meeting was productive and discussed a wide range of options and while there is still a lot of work to be done if we are to save Langvout Court Care home, it was a useful discussion and Mr Logan pledged to consider any alternatives arrangements for operating Langvout Court that might be brought forward.

"Langvout Court is an absolutely vital facility for the Clydesdale area, with a lack of alternative care homes nearby.

"We have seen elsewhere in Scotland that care homes can be community owned and this is an option which could be considered for Biggar if there was local support for such a proposition.

"Local people have made it absolutely clear that they are bitterly opposed to this closure and I hope that working with Bield we can find a way forward that will safeguard elderly care and the jobs for staff.

"I will be doing everything I can to support community efforts to keep Langvout Court open and asked Bield to look at every option possible."

Councillor Eric Holford added: "It was important to have this meeting, so that Mr Logan was fully aware of how keen the people of Biggar and the surrounding communities are for this care home to stay open.

"While there is considerable pressure in the care system for companies like Bield, this is an absolutely essential local service and every option should be looked at to try and keep it open.

"I hope that Bield can listen to the views of local people and work together with them over the next few months to save Langvout Court care home."