Gretna RBS announcement is small reprieve for region

Reacting to the news that RBS's branch in Gretna will be remaining open until the end of the year, Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell said:

"While it is pleasing that Gretna's branch has got a reprieve, it is a worthless announcement from RBS, if they are only going to shut the branch at Christmas anyway.

"This is merely a stay of execution for the branch and it hugely disappointing for RBS customers in Lockerbie, Annan and Langholm who wish to have a branch on their doorstep, that their pleas have been completely rejected.

"I would encourage all customers at the Gretna branch to use their bank to show RBS how viable it is for local people and businesses and I am keen to work closely with the bank to secure it's long term viability.

"We should never have been faced with these closures in the first place, but now RBS have an opportunity to work with local communities to secure the long-term future of the Gretna branch."