Mundell welcomes Cheque Climb-Down

David Mundell MP has welcomed news that cheques are not to be scrapped after all. The Payments Council, an industry body that sets strategy for the payments industry, had announced in 2009 that it had set a provisional target date of October 2018 to close the cheque clearing system. But it sought consultation from cheque users after an intervention by the UK Coalition Government, which Mr Mundell urged constituents to take part in. It has now announced that cheques will be retained as a means of payment.

Mr Mundell said: “I welcome the news that people’s concern about the loss of cheques has been taken onboard by the authorities responsible and that the plan to scrap cheques has itself been scrapped.  Many people rely on cheques, such as small businesses, the charitable and voluntary sectors, those living in rural areas and older people and I am pleased that the UK Coalition Government stood up for cheque users and forced there to be a proper consultation. That consultation revealed widespread support for retaining the cheque as a means of payment and I am pleased that we have achieved that outcome.”