Reducing Windfarms

This week saw a wide-ranging review of energy policies published by the Scottish Conservatives.

The policy calls for the number of planned onshore wind farms to be substantially reduced, and their subsidy cut by fifty per cent to limit household bills.

Another key recommendation in the party’s energy policy paper –“Power With Responsibility” - is for councils to be given the power to impose a one year moratorium on new wind turbine developments in Scotland.

Scotland has some of the worst fuel poverty levels in Europe and it is clear robust solutions are needed to tackle the problem.

It also supports their call for homeowners in Scotland to be allowed to claim compensation if the value of their property has dropped because of wind turbine developments.

It backs projects like the Steven's Croft plant near Lockerbie. It is the biggest wood-fired biomass plant in Scotland and generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of 70,000 homes every year.

The march of the wind farms under Alex Salmond and the SNP has to be brought to a halt. The figures are quite stark - the thousands of turbines in operation, being built or in the planning stage, mean that Scotland will easily overshoot its electricity target. This exposes the folly of covering large swathes of our cherished countryside with turbines, in many cases against the will of local communities and councils.