Health Risks of 5G

I believe it is vital that the UK has the digital infrastructure it needs to compete and grow in the modern economy. The Government wants the UK to be a world leader in 5G and to ensure that the majority of the population have access to a 5G signal by 2027. 5G is still in its development stages and is likely to be rolled out as part of a patchwork of technologies, including those already in use, such as 4G, Wi-Fi, as well as 5G new radio.

Considerable research has been carried out on radio waves and the Government does not anticipate any negative effects on public health. I understand that existing technical standards, which take into account international guidelines and research on non-ionizing radiation, are expected to be followed throughout the development of 5G products and networks. I am assured that as 5G continues to develop, the Government will work with Public Health England to monitor available evidence and take any necessary action.


Last updated May 2019