Home Office Asylum Decisions

The UK has a proud record of offering sanctuary to those who need it. Each claim for asylum is carefully considered on its individual merits and where individuals are found to be at risk of persecution or serious harm on return to their country, protection is given.

In accordance with its international obligations, the UK is required to consider asylum and human rights claims carefully on their individual merits. I can assure you that the Government takes its international responsibilities seriously and will grant protection to those in genuine need.

Each individual assessment of an asylum claim is made against the background of the latest available country of origin information and any relevant caselaw. The country of origin information is based on evidence taken from a range of reliable sources, including reputable media outlets; local, national and international organisations, including human rights organisations; and information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The Home Office’s country of origin information, used in the asylum and other immigration decision making processes, is published on the Gov.UK website. It is kept under constant review and updated periodically. Caseworkers also have access to an information request service for specific enquiries to deal with particular issues raised in individual applications.